Evidence is a learn by doing subject.  To learn evidence, the advocate must practice applying the evidentiary rules. These opportunities are obviously limited in a classroom setting.  TheAnatomy of Evidence Master Advocate Training Video Modulesare designed to give students studying evidence an opportunity to see how the evidentiary rules are presented in actual trial settings. Each video presents a short two to three minute scenario that demonstrates a specific evidentiary issue.  A brief summary at the beginning of each video orients the student as to where there are within the trial - civil or criminal case, plaintiff or defendant's case, direct or cross-examination.  Additionally, students are guided as to which Code Articles to review to make or respond to the objection.  Sometimes the advocate objects and the student is required to respond to the objection, and in other instances the student must make the appropriate objection.  The series flows seamlessly with An Anatomy of Louisiana Evidence Casebook, in that the video modules are numbered according to the sections on the book; however, the videos may be used independently, or with other casebooks.  There is no better way to learn how to effectively apply the evidentiary rules than to experience it up close and personal in the courtroom. These video modules will do just that for students and ensure that they are practice ready when they enter the courtroom. Click on the link below to view sample videos.

"Experience evidence up close and personal"

Anatomy of Evidence Master Advocates Training Video Modules

​Shenequa L. Grey

Professor of law