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An emerging guru on Louisiana evidence law, Grey is the author of"An Anatomy of Louisiana Evidence Law: Code, Commentary, Cases, and Problems," a law school evidence casebook published by Carolina Academic Press that is the first of its kind in Louisiana. More than a mere compilation of cases, An Anatomy of Louisiana Evidence Law is a complete coursebook. It presents a detailed, thorough, and comprehensive examination of the law of evidence through the use of concise commentary and a number of pedagogical elements designed to both reinforce legal principles and to help bridge the ever-widening gap between law school theory and practice.  It includes treatise-like commentary on the legal principles; and both Louisiana and select U.S. Supreme Court cases directly affecting Louisiana law with discussion questions to assist students in understanding the cases and concepts in each section. The cases and commentary are reinforced by a summary of key points, and over 400 original problems and practical application exercises.  Throughout the book are comparisons of major distinctions between the Louisiana Code and the Federal Rules of Evidence.  The casebook is available at Her latest scholarly article, "Forty Five Major (and minor) Distinctions Between the Louisiana Code of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Evidence" 90 Tul. L. Rev. __ (2015-2016), gives further detail of the key distinctions between the two sets of rules. 

After completing the Faculty Academy of Master Educators in the summer of 2015, Grey was inspired to find ways of using technology to foster student engagement in legal education.  As a result, she developed the Anatomy of Evidence Master Advocates Training Video Modules. The videos are animated courtroom scenes designed to give students studying Louisiana evidence a view of the practical application of evidentiary principles as they are applied in a courtroom setting under the Louisiana Code of Evidence. The videos are designed to be used while studying Louisiana evidence using "An Anatomy of Louisiana Evidence Law," but can be used independently as well as with other casebooks. The videos will help to reinforce the evidentiary principles  and assist students in learning to effectively apply the principles in actual trials. You can view a sample of the videos by clicking on the video modules link above.  The videos will be included in her upcoming evidence problem workbook, an ebook, "An Anatomy of Louisiana Evidence Law: Workbook" forthcoming in the Fall of 2016.

Grey is also the host and executive producer of The Legal Roundtable Television Show.  There she delves into legal, social, and political issues directly affecting the community.  It airs on Cox Cable in Baton Rouge, La. 

Shenequa is a native of Lake Providence, La.  In her spare time she enjoys writing fiction and bicycling. 

About Shenequa L. Grey

Shenequa L. Grey is an Associate Professor of Law at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She teaches constitutional criminal procedure, trial advocacy, evidence, and torts.

She is licensed to practice law in Louisiana and the District of Columbia. She received her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and her Juris Doctor degree (cum laude) from the Southern University Law Center, where she was a member of the Moot Court Board and successfully argued State v. Raymond Laguand before the Louisiana Supreme Court as a student attorney in the Law Center's Criminal Law Clinic. She was also a member of the SULC Championship Mock Trial team in the LSBA Intra-State Mock Trial Competition. She received her LL.M. from Temple University- James E. Beasley School of Law with a concentration in trial advocacy, where she received the honor of being voted Most Prepared Student by her peers. She is also a graduate of the Atlanta Broadcast Institute in Atlanta, Georgia where she studied Radio and Television Broadcasting.

Prior to joining the Law Center, Professor Grey worked as a Staff Attorney for the American Prosecutor's Research Institute, the research affiliate of the National District Attorney's Association in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She then served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Caddo Parish District Attorney's office in Shreveport, Louisiana where she prosecuted a number of violent crimes and sex offenses.

​Shenequa L. Grey

Shenequa L. Grey